Professional Mazaka pile driving machines, ground screw machines and equipment


We can deliver Mazaka machinery to you anywhere in Europe within above-standard delivery deadlines, whether you are purchasing the machinery or simply need to hire it temporarily.


We are the official agent for the Mazaka brand for the European market. With headquarters in the heart of Europe, we are capable of providing services to our customers anywhere in Europe.


Mazaka pile driving and ground screw machines are among the most modern tools and are used to install foundations as precisely, quickly and efficiently as possible.

Professional team

As well as machines, we are also happy to provide you with a team of experienced technicians who will assure faultless, safe and professional assembly and other services.

Mazaka professional equipment

Pile Drivers

MAZAKA is solidly the biggest supplier in sector with enormous production capacity. We do present largest scale of types of ramming machines and devices. Own GPS solutions, pre-drill technologies and technical solutions offer us the POLE POSITION in sector.

Ground Screw Drivers

MAZAKA present largest production capacity for production GROUND SCREW DRIVERS worldwide. We do produce most technically advanced portfolio of installation machines with unexpected functions and features.

Mazaka: Specifications

Our services


We are the official distributor of Mazaka machinery for the European market. We can advise you on selection of suitable machinery and assure its fast delivery anywhere in Europe.


We offer one-off and long-term rent of Mazaka machinery. We can also offer the services of our professional machine operators, who will install the anchors on your behalf.


We supply original Mazaka spare parts and provide warranty and post-warranty servicing of Mazaka machines and technical equipment.

About Mazaka

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of manufacturing industrial machines worldwide, we specialise in providing first-rate products and services, while applying the highest technical standards. We promote ecological, safe, efficient and sustainable business activities.
At Mazaka Europe we focus on assuring professional products and services for our customers on the European market. We care about fast delivery within the terms of the European-wide network and maintaining the highest possible quality standards for our customers’ satisfaction.

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The Mazaka machines are simple to operate and very user friendly. A single operator drives the posts and moves the machine. With the Mazaka a relatively new installer can install a post per minute, on average. This makes the investment in our equipment money well spent.

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We primarily operate: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland.